The Perfect Spot for Möbel Link furniture!

Barry and Ann knew Alan a little bit, prior to walking through his workshop in the Russell Industrial Center a couple years back. Alan spoke of new ideas he had and how he wanted to start an entire collection. At the time he was building several pieces, which of course sparked their interest.

After taking a look at the furniture they ended up purchasing three pieces; the Motion Chair, Quarnge Table and Ipana Chair. Since these were Alan’s original pieces, Alan even signed the bottom with his name and official numbering. Alan took pictures of Barry sitting in the Motion Chair and through computer generation, actually structured the chair to fit Barry perfectly. Cool huh?

“This one I call the piano chair, because we used to have a piano here. The piano died and so we thought, let’s gets something instead of the piano and this chair sort of looks like a piano.” “This one is very comfortable and fits me perfectly.” – Ann

Barry and Ann decided to beautifully place the 3 pieces of Möbel Link furniture by their large wall of windows looking outside. Anne explained that it was the “perfect spot for it!”


MobelLink_testimonial_IpanaChair MobelLink_BarryWaldman

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