Mini Frond Chair

Möbel Link Modern Furniture - Frond Chair



Möbel Link Modern Furniture - Mini Frond Chair

Our Mini Frond Chair is truly a work of art, in addition to being a comfortable and durable piece of furniture. Handcrafted in Detroit, and made from sustainably grown and harvested plywood, the Mini Frond is formaldehyde-free. Slightly smaller than the original Frond Chair, it is available in a wide variety of custom colors. Please select the finish you desire from the drop-down menu.

This smaller version of our award winning Frond Chair is a work of art, in addition to being a comfortable and durable piece of furniture. Like the full sized Frond chair, the Mini Frond is sure to garners oohs and ahs from your guests, as they marvel at its stunning lines as well as its comfort.

Designed for slightly more compact spaces than the original full-sized Frond Chair, the Mini Frond is also made from sustainably grown and harvested, formaldehyde-free, multi-veneer Baltic birch plywood.

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Product Dimensions:

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Each piece of furniture is handcrafted by American workers in our woodshop in the Russell Industrial Center, located in the heart of the City of Detroit. Because each piece of furniture is made-to-order, we are able to offer a wide variety of colors and finishes.  We can also create a custom color, or custom match furniture you own, for an additional charge of $500. 

Mobel Link Furniture is constructed from beautiful and durable Baltic birch plywood. If you would prefer to have all-American content in your furniture, we can also make your piece out of American-made “ApplePly” brand plywood, manufactured by States Industries located in Eugene, Oregon. (As this product is more costly, please expect a small up-charge.) Please call to inquire about prices if you wish to have your furniture made-to-order from a wood product other than Baltic birch.

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