Distributor Inquiries

Möbel Link Modern Furniture is seeking distributors for several areas of the country, as well as retail partners to carry our line of quality products. Whether you are an established online retailer or a traditional physical store, Möbel Link Modern Furniture will help you expand your product line and increase your profits.

The Möbel Link Modern Furniture line is comprised of quality products that appeal to a sophisticated higher-end market. Our eye-popping designs are sure to catch the attention of your more discriminating clientele, and generate interest on your website or in your showroom.

Constructed by U.S. workers using eco-friendly technologies, the Möbel Link brand will be one you are proud carry. Because Möbel Link’s unique, award-winning designs cannot be found in “big box” stores or high volume outlets, our products give your customers an incentive to browse your wares and shop with you, rather than simply head to a cookie cutter retailer.

Please contact CEO Alan Kaniarz if you are interested in adding the elegant and durable Möbel Link product line to your online or retail store: (313) 972-1010

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