Environmentally Responsible

        At Möbel Link, the passion for design is matched only by an unflagging commitment to operate in a manner that preserves and protects the earth’s resources. All of our furniture is made from sustainably grown and harvested, formaldehyde-free plywood. Our unique, precision computer-cutting process allows craftspersons to make one entire chair, bench or table out of a single sheet of plywood. By using 85% of that single sheet, less wood is wasted - resulting in reduced deforestation & far less strain on our nation’s landfills.
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Here is a photo of our display at the Detroit Design Festival kick-off party at the Taubman Center at CCS. Below it is the Made in Detroit panel discussion that was moderated by Diana Budds, senior editor of Dwell Magazine. In addition to Diana on stage (from left to right) are Gabriel Craig of Smith Shop, Therese Bellamy of Detroit Tube Products, Jeevak Badve strategy and growth VP at Sundberg-Ferrar, Abrir Ali, of Ali Sandefer, and Sooshin-Choi, Provost of CCS.


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We are currently working on our new Stiletto line of furniture. The pieces are unique in that the legs come to a thin tapered point that resemble the heel of a stiletto shoe. Here are a few examples from the Stiletto line.

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Mobel Link Zag Zig Chair Birmingham MI

Mobel Link’s Zag Zig Chair and Dif Lounge, were staged in a beautiful house in Birmingham, MI. Art and furniture was supplied by Mobili|Now Furniture. — in Birmingham, MI. The open house that took place on Wednesday was a success and a great way to show off  beautiful artwork and furniture from around the area. Place Mobel Link furniture anywhere you please and it will stand out and make a great impression on your guests.

Mobel Link Dif Lounge Birmingham MI

Mobel Link Zag Zig Birmingham MI Mobel Link Zag Zig Chair Birmingham MI Mobel Link Dif Lounge - Birmingham MI Mobel Link Furniture Birmingham MI