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The Zag Zig Chair might be the most uniquely shaped piece in the Möbel Link Line. This chair maintains an astounding level of comfort while making a striking statement. First made from solid elm wood by Gerrit Rietveld in 1934 and called the Zigzag chair. We have recreated and redesigned our own version of the chair which is constructed from 88 pieces of a sheet of precisely machined Baltic birch plywood, which are doweled, glued, and nailed together.

Due to the inherent springiness of the structure the chair bends to fit you as it contours to your body. This chair’s paradoxical structure will gently allow you to move while offering firm support while you sit in it. The natural reaction for people using this chair is to want to move around in it and that is why this chair’s is aptly nicknamed ADHD.

Hot off the assembly line, the Mini Frond Chair follows in the steps of its precursor yet offers a new lower height back to help it keep a lower profile. Seemingly wider, this chair is actually the same with as the original Frond Chair with a new back unique in design as well as height.

The Mini Frond Chair was born out of necessity for a functionality yet retains being artistic, stylish, and modern. This chair has the ability to bring together any almost any room. From a dinner chair to a computer chair, this chair aims to make a statement whether it is in the work environment to home-life. While it is a great standalone piece it also fits well with any set of furniture with our wide range of colors as well as our color match option.

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The environmental impact of planks is far greater than veneer as planks produce far greater wastes when being utilized to create furniture. Planks are sawed horizontally causing a loss of the blades width every time the log is cut, this produces a fair amount of waste in the form of saw dust which is proportional to the log’s size. The veneers are different because they are rotary cut which means they are carefully cut in a circle from the outside inward, much like a potato peeler, which produces far less waste. Think about the difference between these two processes and it is clear which one utilizes more wood from the log. Now you may be thinking at this point that veneer must have some defect for planks to be so heavily utilized today. The reason that planks are so heavily used as the character of a log is etched out of the wood by cutting it into planks; veneer retains the character it had during the time it spent as log. The weight to strength ratio on veneers is also much higher making them more stable.

Beginning in the Georgian period, furniture that was veneered was thought of as a greater quality, because of the amount of skill required to painstakingly arrange expensive veneers over throwing some boards together and saying it is furniture. This still is a relevant argument made today, some low budget furniture made of veneer has given it a poor standing in the furniture community as of late and I want to clear this issue up as it is possible to greatly help the environment by understanding it. Furniture designers first started veneers as a way to develop their style, bringing them a greater arsenal of construction methods which allowed them to use a more broad selection of rare wood types. It allowed cabinet makers to use expensive and uncommon wood that they were only available in veneers. This stays true today as some of the most attractive wood can only be found in veneers including flame mahogany and burl walnut.

Even though Halloween is over, today I have a treat for you. I would like to introduce you to another piece from our line-up, along with a free shipping deal offered for online orders.

Now introducing the Quarnge Chair. The Quarnge Chair shares a resemblance with the Ipana chair because they share the same principles while both being embellished by their own style. To get ready for the upcoming holiday season. We are offering free shipping on pieces ordered online to anywhere in the continental United States through November 30th.

While you may notice that the Dif lounge chair was isn’t my newest piece of furniture, you may be curious why I am introducing it to you. I can only answer that by saying that it is the most popular piece of the Möbel Link Family. This 136-piece, ultra modern Lounge chair has its feet planted firmly in the modernist furniture design movement. The Dif Lounge evokes the Le Corbusier Pony Lounge chair, Kaare Klint’s 1933 wooden deck chair, or maybe Bruno Mathsson’s 1940 lounge chair. This delightfully comfortable wooden lounge chair is made from sustainably harvested Baltic birch plywood and features suggestions of such architectural elements as flying buttresses and sinewy corbels.The Dif Lounge’s unbelievable comfort comes from the perfectly engineered curvatures made to relieve the stress of sitting awkwardly in the chair.