Environmentally Responsible

        At Möbel Link, the passion for design is matched only by an unflagging commitment to operate in a manner that preserves and protects the earth’s resources. All of our furniture is made from sustainably grown and harvested, formaldehyde-free plywood. Our unique, precision computer-cutting process allows craftspersons to make one entire chair, bench or table out of a single sheet of plywood. By using 85% of that single sheet, less wood is wasted - resulting in reduced deforestation & far less strain on our nation’s landfills.
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Headed to Canada anytime soon? If so be sure to check out the article in the enRoute Magazine in Air Canada. Möbel Link’s very own Alan Kaniarz is featured on Page 48 with a photo of himself and Möbel Link’s Award Winning Motion Chair.

This article dives into the resourceful businesses that Detroit attracts. The article states “Craftwork is as much a part of the city’s DNA as assembly line production.”  Many Detroit located companies are spoken of: Honor & Folly Inn, Craft Cocktail Purveyor Sugar House, Mercury Burger & Bar, Michigan Central Station, Soup, Russell Industrial Center’s A.K. Services & Michigan Hot Glass and Eastern Market.

During Alan Kaniarz’s brief interview he gave some insight into his A.K. Services woodworking shop located in the Russell Industrial Center. He goes on to describe how Möbel Link’s Award Winning Motion Chair is made of dozens of Baltic birch plywood strips that create one elegant rippling line taking three days to produce. He then elaborates on his one-off halo chair with an adjustable crown of light bulbs with bits and pieces salvaged from a nearby church.

Albert Young, Owner and Artist of Michigan Hot Glass states “Artists from all over the country are starting to move in.” Looks like things are looking up for good ol Detroit! With all of the Detroit pride, this city sure will shape up and turn into something more magnificent than it already is. Detroit captures the souls and hearts of Michiganders and brings out the artists in all of us.

Be sure to take a look at the article as it showcases many of Detroit’s great businesses. In Air Canada today!





Bailey House

A big congratulation goes out to the Bailey House for putting on such an incredible Auction & Gala last Thursday night, March 28th at Pier 60 in New York, NY. This event was held to celebrate 30 years of service with featured entertainment by legend Alan Cumming and corporate supporter Harlan Bratcher of A/X Armani Exchange. Tributes for each honoree were made by Jane Pauley, Wendy Williams and Terrence Meck while the incredible live auction was led by auctioneer George McNeely and the legendary Alan Cumming.

The Bailey House was founded in 1983, to support and shelter the homeless with HIV/AIDS. At the Bailey House, they not only address the essential human needs – housing, food, safety, they deliver a wide range of support services including access to healthcare, counseling, support groups and substance abuse treatment. Bailey House clients are empowered with education, job training and employment assistance which enables them the ability to craft their own future. Bailey House clients (homeless men, women, and children living with HIV/AIDS in NY) develop a sense of trust, community and stability with the support of the Bailey House.  An incredible charity indeed!

The event last Thursday brought in incredible individuals. There were numerous Auction Item Donors, including one of our very own pieces – The Mini Frond Chair, showcased in the photos below by Syd London. Our Mini Frond Chair was bid on and taken home to garner oohs and ah’s by someone at the event which we are unable to disclose. Enjoy! Other incredible auctioned items at the event included photography, vacation destinations, fashion accessories, unique home decor items, 2 VIP tickets to the Opening night of Macbeth on Broadway, Champagne weekend at the Kentucky Derby, Full High-End Audio Visual System along with many other incredible items. Definitely something for everyone!

Over $15 million dollars has been raised since the Bailey House’s opening event. With generous sponsorships  intense bidding and celebrity buzz, these events have been able to provide more housing and supportive services for their clients. It’s never too late to make a donation and support the Bailey House. Make a contribution today! http://bit.ly/donateBH

View our Mini Frond Chair on our new and updated website at www.mobellink.com Or Contact us today at 313.972.1010

Photo by Syd London

Photo by Syd London


Photo by Syd London

Photo by Syd London

Save A Tree 2013

Attention folks! On April 26th (Arbor Day), Möbel Link, with the help of the Arbor Day Foundation is going to plant 1 tree for every 500 Facebook “Likes” that our Company Page receives. Help us spread the word in a manner that preserves and protects the earths resources. Our goal is to receive 10,000 Facebook “Likes” making it possible for Möbel Link to plant 20 trees back onto this beautiful earth. Help US, Help YOU make this earth a better place! 500 Likes = 1 Tree. 10,000 Likes = 20 Trees. Wow! We can do it!

According to the Arbor Day Foundation – Over the course of 50 years, a single tree can:
-Generate $31,250 worth of air pollution control
-Recycle $37,500 worth of water
-Control $31,500 worth of soil erosion.

At Möbel Link, the passion for design is matched only by an unflagging commitment to operate in a manner that preserves and protects the earth’s resources. All Möbel Link furniture is made from sustainably grown and harvested, formaldehyde-free, multi-veneer Baltic birch plywood. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) has certified the plywood used in Möbel Link furniture as environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable for management of the world’s forests. Möbel Link uses uses about 3 times less wood by using plywood over hard wood; about 1/3 as much.

SPREAD THE WORD!  Use #mobelplantstrees and lets make this spread people!

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OUR GOAL : 10,000 FB Likes = 20 Trees!

Save A Tree